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Low cost GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracker

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This is a GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker which can be used to track your assets, which can be a person,vehicle or any object which can carry the tracker.

It comes in multiple versions(SMS/GPRS),

  •  SMS only version, which when texted replies with a link clicking on which you can see the location of the asset on Google maps.
  •  SMS version comes with a Li-Ion Battery of 1100mAH capacity and lasts for 72 hours on standby waiting for your SMS.
  •  GPRS version, which keeps logging data to server at predefined intervals.
  •  GPRS version sends data to a server at intervals decided by user. So there will be extra charges if you want to log data to your server.
  •  A battery can be provided internally which unfortunately will not last long because of continuous GPRS data transmission at smaller intervals, But if interval time is increased, the battery is of some use.
  • For GPRS version it is recommended to use the device without internal battery and connect directly to a vehicles battery which is continuously charged.

We are not doing bulk manufacturing of the device and if you want to manufacture and sell this device, we can license the design or manufacture the device for you on order.

However we will make devices in smaller numbers and keep in stock for users who are interested to try it out.

Warranty : We will test the device thoroughly before sending to you. If you face any manufacturing problems you can send us the device back in 7 days after purchase, we will repair it and send back to you, or provide a new one. 

Device is sensitive enough, but dont expect to get signal inside a building, GPS devices work only with good open sky view where they are able to receive signals from satellites. We have tested this device and found it quite sensitive and it was able to acquire a GPS location fix from inside the building when kept near windows.


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