4G GSM Module A7672 Evaluation board - 4G LTE-CAT-1 - 2G - GNSS - Bluetooth

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Product Features :
  • Evaluation board for A7672S, A7672E & A7672SA modules made by SIMCOM
  • Main supply can take standard 12V DC adapter
  • The device supports a LiPo battery input.
  • Device supports 4G LTE-CAT1 network with 2G dualband.
  • A7672S - Indian band 4G LTE CAT1 module
  • A7672E - European band 4G LTE CAT1 module
  • Inbuilt GNSS , antenna to be connected to U.FL connector 
  • Inbuit Bluetooth 4 , antenna to be connected to U.FL connector

    NOTE : SMA connectors and headers are not soldered on board by default.  

This is a 4G GSM module board which can be used with Arduino and Raspberry Pi kind of development boards for evaluating the features of SIMCOM A7672 modules. Since the A7672 FASE variant supports GNSS and Bluetooth, you can use it as a good develpment platform for developing GPS tracker products. 

This 4G GSM Modem supports 9VDC to 42V DC voltage input on the DC jack input. The extended operating range helps in directly connecting the modem to different power sources like lead acid battery, DC adapters and EV supply. 

There is on board IO level translator for converting the 1.8V UART TX and RX lines of modem to MCU IO voltage level connected to VTRANS pin. 

In addition to supporting 4G-LTE-CAT1 network it has 2G fallback which helps to switch to 2G network in rural areas where 4G is still not yet deployed. 

The A7672 module has support for Analog audio compared to its predecessor 4G modules like SIM7600 which only had PCM audio interface. You can directly connect a electret MIC to this board as bias circuit is already provided. However for Speaker output you need to use a headphone or amplifer as the signal is weak and needs to be amplied. 

A7672 is a very good 4G alternative for 2G modules like SIM900, SIM900A, SIM800 & SIM808. It comes at a very low price and can serve in as a drop in replacement.



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More Information
Price ₹1,999.00
Dimensions Length: 75mm * Width: 50mm * Height: 10 mm
Operating Voltage 12V to 42V DC
Model No. A7672x-EVAL1
Outputs None
Operating Modes HTTP, SMS, MQTT,TCP,
Processor Optional STM32G030 MCU in bottom (not available by default)
Antenna U.FL (GSM, GPS, Bluetooth), Inbuilt Antenna (GPS)
Connectivity Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS, Call
Debug Interface USB
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