DTMF/IVRS based 4 channel Relay controller using GSM module

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Product Specification Sheet :  Download

Product Features : 
  • 4 cube Relays driven by MOSFET's to control 110V to 230V AC appliances. 
  • SIM800C 2G Quad Band GSM module for cloud/call connectivity with micro SIM card connector. 
  • External Whip Antenna with right angle SMA connector. 
  • MP3 player with micro SD card connector for saving audio responses. 
  • STM32 Cortex M0 Low power MCU with RTC.
  • Switching power supply to take inputs from 5V to 24V DC DC power jack for power input. 
  • SWD connector for programming and debugging.

Procedure for using the board : 
  • Insert the SIM card and SD card containing MP3 files into the device. 
  • Power on the device using a DC adapter Network LED blinking every 3 seconds will indicate that the device has connected to the network. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds for initialization and ring the SIM card number. 
  • Your call will be auto answered after 2 rings. (Security can be added to answer only specific numbers.) 
  • An audio will be played on the call and you should hear, "Welcome to Valetron Systems, Press 1 to control Device number 1, Press 2 to control Device number 2 , Press 3 to control Device number 3,Press 4 to control Device number 4".
  •  You press 1 on the dial pad of your phone and you should hear, "You have selected Device number 1, Press 1 to turn ON device number 1, Press 2 to turn OFF device number 1".
  • You press 1 on the dial pad of your phone and you should hear, "Device number 1 turned ON, Press 2 to turn off device number 1, Press # to return to main menu". At the same time, Relay 1 will be turned on and LED 1 will be turned on indicating that Relay 1 is in ON state now. 
  • You press # and you will go back to hearing the Welcome message.

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More Information
Price ₹2,800.00
Dimensions Length: 104mm * Width: 83mm * Height: 19mm
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Model No. VALTALK-v1.0
Outputs 4x Relay Outputs (MOSFET DRIVERS)
Operating Modes Call/DTMF
Configuration Methods Bluetooth 3.0
Processor STM32L051K6U6 ARM Cortex-M0 32MHz
Memory micro SD Card
Antenna SMA, GSM
Connectivity Call with DTMF Controller
Debug Interface SWD Debug Interface
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