VALTRACK-V4-MF - Tiny LTE & NBIOT enabled PET and Asset tracker

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Product Specification Sheet : Coming soon

Product Features : 
  • VALTRACK-V4-MF is a LTE/NBIOT based Asset/Personal tracking device. 
  • It is small in size, low cost & easy to install. 
  • Alerts the owner if someone moves the Asset.
  • Track your elders and children for 2 days on a single charge with 400mAh battery.
  • Track your Car, PET , Children or Elders location on map using SMS or Cloud based tracking.

Download Setup Application :

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More Information
Price ₹5,000.00
Operating Voltage 3.7V Battery
Dimensions Length: 32.6mm * Width: 32.6mm * Height: 6mm
Battery 3.7V Li-ion/Li-Po
GSM SIM7600 LTE module
Inputs -NA-
Outputs -NA-
Operating Modes HTTP, SMS, MQTT/TCP
Configuration Methods Bluetooth 5.0
Charging Interface Wireless Qi Charging
Processor STM32WB55CEU6 ARM Cortex-M4
Motion Sensor 12-bit 3-axis Accelerometer
Memory 1-Mbit EEPROM
Antenna U.FL (GSM), Inbuilt Antenna (GPS)
Connectivity Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS, Call
Debug Interface SWD Debug Interface
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